Apple Watch - Three elements complication in modular infograph

I really like the “3 Items” Apple Watch large complication, but it seemes available only for the Modular face, and not for the Infograph Modular face (even if it is selected in the app Options), which still show me only one item. It’s possible to use the 3 Items in Infograph Modular face?

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Hi @Darsch, thanks for using GoodTask.

3 line text is only available on previous modular watch face. There are limits to how you can present data on each complications and there is no specific template that can present 3 line of text on Infograph Modular watch face.

When it gets available in the future, I'll revise it on later updates. Thanks!

Thank you very much! :blush:

I know it isn't perfect as every line would be a different color, but CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicRectangularStandardBody does offer 3 lines of text on Infograph Modular? Maybe as an option? I use that watch face exclusively and would love to be able to see 3 tasks at a glance.

@pfluger, I'll take a look. :slight_smile: Thanks!

@pfluger, you may update the app to v5.6.1 and it should work. Thanks!

I just noticed the change this afternoon on my watch. App must have auto updated.

Awesome. Thanks!