Are Reminders tags ignored in smart lists?

I have a tag #Weekend for tasks that I want to do on the weekend.

For a few tasks that I added in Reminders, I can see the tag #Weekend in Goodtask when sorting by tag, but they are ignored in my smart list filtering on tag #Weekend.

Is this a limitation or a bug ?

Hi @Wanderling, thanks for the feedback.

Currently tags used in Reminders app is not fully opened to use in other apps.

There is an option in 'Settings - Advanced' to try reading it but it doesn't work like normal tags used in GoodTask and have issues. I'm keeping it to see how things change in the future.


The experimental feature to enable Reminders tags has worked consistently for me. I would love to see the ability to use these tags in my smart lists / filters. Love the app.

Hi @Tex, thanks for the feedback. Currently it's not officially opened, not editable and only visible on iOS. I'll keep an eye on how things change. Thanks!

Ah, interesting. I'm fine if it's read-only... but it sounds like you can show the info but can't use it in smart filter logic. I wish they'd expand the API.