Are tags created in Reminders available in GoodTask?

Hi - I use tags (#something) in Reminders. However, I can't see these in GoodTask. How do I view tags created in Reminders in GoodTask?
I would like to see them on the main screen / panel of GoodTask so that I can choose a tag and see only the reminders with that tag.

Hi @Luckyfish, thanks for using GoodTask. Unfortunately tags feature that's added to Reminders is not openly accessible to 3rd parties. On iOS, I've added a feature to view it inside 'Settings - Advanced - Read Tags from Reminders app'. This will sort the tags on tag view accordingly with the ones added on Reminders app but you can't edit them. By turning this option on,

  • Tags set in Reminders app can be read in GoodTask.
  • You can't edit it or add it in GoodTask. You can only read it.
  • It's read only inside the list (not inside task detail page) when tags are set to be displayed in 'Task Display' option
  • It'll also be set to be on the selected tag on 'Board - Tags' view.
  • Inside 'Edit List' page, 'Tags' should be set to Automatic

I'll keep an eye on this and when Apple opens it up, I'll make it to work fully. You may send Apple a feedback too to let them know people want this.


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