Attached File "Display"

I have a few tasks where I have attached / included a file.

In the macOS version of GoodTask, a "section" of the attached file appears across the entire width of the GoodTask window.

Is there a away to change the appearance of the attached file so that it is less intrusive; for example, an icon that shows that a file is attached (i.e., similar to the icon that show a task has notes, thumbnail of the attached file, etc.)?

Thank you.

Hi @Joel, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can go into 'Settings - Appearance - Task Display' and on the option (Default for normal list view), check off 'Attachments'. After that, you'll see clip icon rather than the whole attachment preview.


Awesome and thank you, that did the trick!

Question: Is there a similar setting for URLs?

You can turn off 'Link' to hide it. Since the URL is visible in notes field, it doesn't have dedicated icon. Thanks!

Awesome and thank you.

There are so many options in GoodTask it is hard / impossible to keep them all straight. It is as though you need a search function within settings (a la apple) to find settings! Just saying!!

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