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Wonderful product here and a potentially seamless solution for my 2020 homeschoolers. Under the circumstances, I'm processing files from various teachers and loving their integration into GoodTask as iCloud attachments.

For my two eldest children, I've purchased the Unlock Everything to give them this powerful tool, too. Apple Reminders lists (for each school subject) are shared to their minor iCloud accounts, so everthing shows within GoodTask on each of their iPads as hoped.

My only snag has been mirroring to their devices those attachments assigned to tasks that I've created on my personal devices. If I properly understand GoodTask's present capability with attachments, this would seem impossible. Although I'm sharing with each child's device read-only access to a child-specific iCloud Files folder, GoodTask attachments are copied to separate, dedicated folders (also in iCloud). Thus, attachments do not show on the tasks the kids see within GoodTask.

You of course well understand the mechanics of this already. I just wanted to save you the trouble of explaining the more obvious parts to me!

I have had mixed success pasting links to my orginal iCloud files into tasks' note fields. When that works, my children can tap the link button within Task Details (on their devices) and the file springs open in their as hoped.

The drawbacks are that it introduces an editable (breakable) link into their notes field and requires redundant action from me – first to attach the file for smooth viewing purposes on my devices, then pasting a link to it for their purposes.

I suspect there may be a workaround I'm missing. Could I also share with the kids my GoodTasks attachment folders (iCloud)? If so, is that configurable on their installations of GoodTask?

Alternatively, I might configure some Shortcut to generate shortlinks to files in our shared folders that will appear better when pasted in the notes field.

I'm eager to tinker with this to reach some improvement to my present approach, so I'm open to whatever suggestions folks might have.

Thanks again for an outstanding app!

Hi @benjurban, thanks for the feedback and I'm sorry about late answer. :slight_smile:

It seems like you already know all the pieces and knowledge about how GoodTask and its attachment system works.

Unfortunately attachments are not shared through lists and can't be since it's on a different root.

You can make a shared link to attachment file you've saved in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask' through notes field to let your kids reach them but it will not work like attachments in their GoodTask app. It'll just work like URL links. (This will get more reachable on next v5.5 update)

On current situation, having a dedicated iCloud drive folder that's shared with your kids could be a simple way for on-going management.

Thanks and I wish you good health! :slight_smile:

I am interested in using this similarly for my homeschooled daughter. I follow the ideas behind what is shared here, but I'm not sure what practical steps I should take to make this happen. I'm also wondering if anything has changed in updates since this post? Thanks for any help that can be given!

Hi @SIGFY, thanks for the feedback. There aren't any changes on this topic. Thanks!

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