Auto-substitute correct list name independent of the letters with accents


First of all thanks for the great app!
I'm using some lists with accents (for ex. Rákóczi instead of Rakoczi), so when I'm typing "/ra" on Mac or iOS it didn't find the correct list, I have to write "/rá" instead. It is very inconvenient, especially on iOS due I need to change keyboard from US to Hungarian. In Things or Todoist I can type freely without accent and they find a correct list. Is it possible to add this to GoodTask (as an option or as permanent thing)?

I can tell for Hungarian language, we have: á, é, ó, ö, ü, ú, ű, í (and it will be great if I could simply type a, e, o, u, i instead). I'm pretty sure there are same problems for Czech, Dutch, German, etc.

Hi @fourways, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Meanwhile, you may try using quick actions or change lists directly on the menu. Also using /r in your example case will select the first list starting with r in your list order.


Thanks for the fast reply! I’m familiar with /r, but unfortunately I have two lists starting with “r” and it chooses wrong one :slight_smile: that’s why I always prefer to use 2-3 letters.

Thank you for considering it, I hope it could be not very hard to implement!