Autocompleting all entries - help!

Hi folks, somehow all my outstanding tasks in one of my Lists are marked as completed, and when I uncheck the completion, within a few seconds it is marked complete again. I'm running version 6.9.3 (724) on my MacBook, synced with iPhone and iPad. I've tried clearing the local cache on all devices and it makes no difference.

Any ideas, please?

Hi @peterb999, thanks for using GoodTask.

You may want to check other apps that’s connected to Reminders database. Check inside default Settings app to see which apps have access.

Also you may want to check your shortcuts.


Thanks for the quick response! What is the "default Settings" app? Is this on Mac or iPhone?

Since Reminders database can be connected to any other apps, you may want to check all the routes.

  1. On Mac, open 'System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Privacy - Reminders' and see which apps have access

  2. On iOS, open 'Settings app - Privacy - Reminders' and see which apps have access


That seems to have fixed it - many thanks!!

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