Automatically add reminder to reminders when calendar event is created?

Hi everyone, hope you're doing well. As many of you may know I'm totally blind using goodtask on iOS. goodtask has pretty much replaced fantastical for me as fantastical would not add alerts to calendar events reliably, goodtask does this. However, I would like to add a reminder to reminders at the same time as I add a calendar event can I do this automatically with goodtask? thanks for your help everyone :slight_smile:

Hi @trey31, thanks for using GoodTask.

I think you want to make a task automatically as you make a calendar event. There is no direct way to automate this. You need to select the event and run ‘Duplicate as Task’ to make a task.


hi thanks verry much for this how would i do this on ios please?

You can long tap the event and choose 'Duplicate as Task' option. Thanks!