Better Calendar integration

Hi, while the reminder part of the app is awesome in any possible ways, I wish the calendar to be more integrated into the app. That is, the editing view to look like the rest of the app.
In terms of functionality, I actually don't have much to ask for since the apple calendar has quite some stuffs going on there already... apart from repeating events. I wish there were more custom options for repeating events as much as goodtask provides for the reminder. Especially, not being able to set custom days of the week to repeat is a real bummer.

I set some repeating event from another app; to repeat only on weekdays, and the apple calendar reads that fine and said to be in 'custom', but goodtask place it on daily showing up on even days I have not set up.. pretty much not in sync with apple calendar I guess...:cry:

Also, there is a bug where the recursion shows the first date the recursion was created, not the current date to be shown.
For example, in the picture below, I have created a repeated event starting from tomorrow, and the shown event detail is for the 30th, however the detail still says it is the 28th. I hope this would be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hi @Eleanor, thanks for the feedback.

I'll need to take a look. The popup that shows when you tap an event is from Apple's Calendars app which can be brought up from other apps. I'll check if something is going wrong there.


Update: never mind on the custom repeat settings. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it before but now I have found it, (and it is very advanced!).

Still having the issue with the bug though. The details panel show the date when the calendar event was first created, not the current event day(recurring events)

Thanks for the details. I couldn't reproduce it but I'll take another look. Thanks!

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The steps are..

  1. Create a recurring calendar event
  2. Tap on the event to see details (not on the first day the recurrence started)

then, the details show the first day of the recurrence, not the day I have tapped.

In the image below, you can see the date I have chosen is the 16th of September, but the event details show me the 26th of August. But on the actual calendar app, it displays correctly.

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Update: It is fixed!!! Hurray!! Thanks for the job ;D

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