Big Sur - Show/Hide Details panel issue

Am now using Big Sur 11.0.1 and GoodTask 6.1 (erm 666) and there is an issue with hiding the details panel.

When I go to hide it, the main panel suddenly becomes 1/4 of its usual width, and then I can't extend it back to normal width. I have to re-open GoodTask to then allow me to extend the main panel to normal width.

Hi @pauiwilky76, thanks for the feedback.

Do you know how to reproduce this issue? Thanks!


Yeh, I just double click on one of my tasks/reminders. The details panel then opens to the right hand side as normal. I then click on "show/hide details" to close this panel and then, unfortunately, the width of the main panel and the list panel (left hand side) are suddenly changed by themselves and are very thin (about 1/4 of their usual width).

The only way I can revert is to close and re-open the app.....

Thanks for the details but I'm having hard time reproducing it on my side. Does this happen all the time?

Yes, it does.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the problem. I can email or share a video with you at

Yes, please send me one with it happening from the start. It'll be helpful. Thanks!