Board - Date view options

Is there any option to configure the Board-Date view?

Rather than “today, tomorrow, later,” being able to configure to " this week, next week, etc. would be much more helpful for my workflow. Thank you

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Hi @neilb, thanks for using GoodTask. Currently boards can only be set per day. You can set how many days to see on 'Settings - General - Board View'. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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I second this — I'd love to see “today”, “tomorrow”, “next week”, and “later”. And I think it'd also be great to have these groups in the list view as well!

In the meantime, here is how I made it work using current functionality. I built a This Week smart list ,a Next Week smart list, and a Quick Action to move task to next week. That way, if I'm in This Week and want to move them to Next Week, I have a quick action, then when in the next week view, I can distribute across the days. The key is a board view that has 10 days.