Board View Usage

I sent this to the feedback email before I was aware this forum existed. I have been loving using GoodTask but found a usability issue with board view.

When in the Board View, I have it arranged where each panel represents a tag. Within each panel I have it sorted by due date. When dragging tasks between the panels, the task due date is updated based on the task above/below the point on the list it is dragged to.

For example I had a task due for 8/2. I dragged it to the #Doing panel, and my mouse fell between two tasks dated 8/20 and 8/30. The task due date updated to 8/20. Ideally, this task would have just been set to #Doing, and automatically sorted to the top of the list above 8/20 and 8/30 tasks. I figured out one can drag the task to the tag above the panel but it is too easy to drag a task to the list, and lose vital due date settings. Generally, due date is more important than anything elseā€¦.

Is there a way to accomplish this? Ideally, there would be a setting for board mode where moving between panels only updates the primary sorting method(tag - defined by the panels themselves) without updating the property related to the sorting method within the panels(due date).

I am putting this out to the community in case I am missing a setting that already exists or for other feedback!

Thank you so much!

Hi @ebg10, thanks for the feedback.

I'm aware of this and it might be just better off moving the board like iOS version. I'll check and will see what can be done on later updates. Thanks!