Bug: board view goes blank

I've come across a bug in which the board view goes blank once in a while. It seems to happen after a quick action (applying a tag) though I'm not 100% sure. List views continue to work fine, but the only way to get the board view back (that I have found) is to restart the app. Changing to another list, or to another board view, doesn't fix the problem.

Screenshot here: https://monosnap.com/file/p6a2VhpJzPppQnY5lBZAiTcP0X339c

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep an eye on it. If you get to know how to reproduce the bug, please let me know. Thanks!


This bug also manifests with me, and a lot. Up to the point GoodTask is almost unusable.

I tried to isolate when it happens precisely but it is not clear. In my case, it is for sure when I'm working with tags on a task (adding and removing them). I thought it was when the task went from "having a tag" to "not having a tag" state, but sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

It could be happening when I'm performing a series of action to the tag (like changing it twice in a row, or adding one and removing a different one, or moving it from the note field to the title field – I changed this setting a couple of days and some of my tasks still have their tags in their note field), but once again, it is not clear.

List view also works fine, and I also need to restart the app to "solve" it (nothing else works). This is why it makes GoodTask unusable, because you just cannot restart your task manager every couple of seconds or minutes.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check and will fix it soon if I can get the cause. It’s hard to fix right away since I can’t reproduce it at the moment.

Other than that, next update will be focused on overall performance improvement.


It happened to me, too (only on Macos / Big Sur). I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to reproduce it.

I've been trying to isolate a cause but so far it seems to be related to applying quick actions from the panel (which I have integrated) – but not very often for me, and not in a way that I can identify as repeatable.

I've checked what's causing the bug and it'll be fixed on 6.5.3 coming soon. Thanks!


I've seen this on Big Sur and Catalina. I have integrated the details panel. It just happened (blank board view) when I checked the only remaining reminder for today. Once it's happened all lists have blank board views. (I'm a new user and thought I must be doing something wrong - glad to see it's not just me)

Hi @galexa, thanks for the feedback. Have you update the app to 6.5.3?

6.5.3 (695)
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Thanks for the clarification. It seems like there are more cases that this bug can occur. I'll try to tackle them down and fix it on next update. Thanks!

Hi there,

I updated to 6.5.4 but the bug is still there… Seems a bit less frequent, but I'm not sure (I used GoodTask a bit less in the last couple of days).

I'm not really sure but it seems that the bug is triggered when I try to navigate within a text field (note, task title) with the keyboard (jumping a word, going at the beginning/end of a line, etc.).

It also seems to have appeared at least one when I was working with Tags (this is how I use the board view).

I updated to 6.5.5, still there.

Hi @WalledGarden, thanks for the feedback.

Try restarting the device and if it still occurs, send me screen recording of the issue to contact@hahaint.com


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