BUG: Exchange Calendar Freezing GoodTask


On the latest and last few versions of GoodTask, my wife's exchange calendar for work will randomly disappear and reappear in the calendar list in settings. When it disappears, the calendar events are no longer viewable in GoodTask. When it reappears, GoodTask defaults to displaying the calendar even if she previously unchecked it so it would not display. Worse, upon trying to display the calendar once it reappears in the list, GoodTask often freezes, causing her to have to force quit the app, then quickly uncheck the calendar upon re-opening the app to avoid freezing again. This problem did not exist prior to the iOS 12 updates. She is using an iPhone Xs Max running latest versions of iOS and GoodTask.


Thanks for the feedback. This is due to changes in iOS 12.

With iOS 12, new restrictions for devices that use Mobile Device Management (MDM) has been added. You can check if you have MDM profile installed by going into default Settings app - General - Profiles. Specifically, restriction named "Opening documents from managed to unmanaged apps not allowed" is causing the issue. By default, MDM profile installed devices with above restriction will not be able to access calendars/reminders data on 3rd party apps including GoodTask.

To resolve this, you need to speak with your workplace's administrator who will be able to grant access to GoodTask.

Specifically, GoodTask either needs to be added as a managed app in MDM profile which will allow it to access iOS's calendars/reminders data, or "Opening documents from managed to unmanaged apps not allowed" restriction needs to be removed from MDM profile.



Thank you for the quick reply.

I understand why this change in iOS 12 should prevent GoodTask from reading the exchange calendar. What I don't understand is why GoodTask is trying to read it anyway, and then freezing as it attempts to do so. My wife will not be able to get her work to change their MDM profile, but she doesn't need to use GoodTask with her exchange account anyway. However, because GoodTask keeps freezing while attempting to access the exchange account it prevents her from using it for personal tasks as well.


Thanks for detail information. Unfortunately there is no specific way to identify the lists if it's protected or not. Which means, either some lists are protected by MDM or not, GoodTask uses same methods provided by Apple and runs the app. Protected lists should be automatically handled by iOS but it seems like freezing and showing lists sometimes are bugs related to MDM on iOS.

If she doesn't need to access MDM related lists on iPhone, best way is probably turning off Reminders on Exchange account in settings.

I'll try to submit a bug report to Apple about the bug. Thanks!