[BUG] MacOS Widgets Configuration

It doesn't work.

MacOS Version: Ventura 13.0 Public Beta
GoodTask Version: 7.2.1(1030)

Thanks for the feedback. This could possibly be a bug in macOS itself. I'll take a look and will fix it before official release if possible. Thanks!

Apple just released the official version of Ventrua 13.0 (22A380), the bug still exist. My GoodTask is the latest version 7.3 (1042) downloaded from the App Store.

And there is a new bug, when the computer restarts, the widgets of GoodTask will have a certain probability to be blank, even the calendar will not be displayed.

Hope these bugs can be resolved in the next version, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. I've reported to Apple since this is same bug that happens to all other app's widgets with similar functions. I'll keep an eye on it and will fix it if possible. Thanks!

It works now. Thank you!

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