Bug: Sync intelligent lists between Mac and iPad


Intelligent lists created in GoodTask on a Mac (4.3.5) only sync to GoodTask app on iPad (4.4.1) when GoodTask on iPad is closed completely and restarted and vice versa!
Perhaps I'm missing some settings?
Regards Florian


Hi floppybox, thanks for the feedback.

Preferences including smart lists are synced through iCloud Drive. If you have 'Automatic Preferences Sync' turned on (I assume you are), when you make changes, it uploads the changes to iCloud server.

After that, it's up to iOS/macOS to sync between devices. It may take some time sometimes and it may work right away sometimes. You can check by checking the last sync time that shows on

iOS : Settings - General - Automatic Preferences Sync - Tap and you'll see time on top of buttons
macOS : Preferences - General - Automatic Preferences Sync - Time will show on right side.