Bug: Watch App Crashing

Good morning,
It appears that with the latest update, I have been showing the GoodTask Watch Face on the Watch, but no matter what happens, each time that I tap on the Watch Face, the app on the Watch simply crashes. I don't know why that is the case.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app onto the Watch, and I also have restarted the phone, but no success thus far. Aside from that, the tasks have been syncing extremely well (almost instantaneously) toward all devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad), but the Watch app keeps crashing.

Please advise when you can!

Hi @TheLARBuilderOfTasks, thanks for the feedback.

Would you try opening Reminders in the watch and see if it works properly?

I found out something: I didn't have Reminders on my iPhone.... I went ahead and reinstalled Reminders onto both the Watch and the iPhone. When I did that, at first, the Watch app was attempting to pull the tasks, but then it crashed again.

Thus far, I have attempted to 1) delete GoodTask from both the iPhone and Watch, then 2) shut down and restart both the Watch and iPhone, then 3) reinstall GoodTask to both the iPhone and Watch. But thus far, the Watch app has crashed. As of this writing, I only have 3 tasks showing up in the Today view.

Also: I just restarted the Watch and iPhone again, and then reinstalled GoodTask to both the iPhone and Watch. Even with the Reminders app present on the Watch (the latter of which is working just fine, by the way), the GoodTask app is still crashing. This may be a bug after all, as previous updates didn't give me any issue.

I'll continue to use the app, as I'm really liking it overall, especially with the ability to add tasks very quickly via keyboard shortcuts! Also, the syncing ability across all platforms (with the exception of the Watch issue above) has been very, very good.

Also, going forward: You all may want to let other users know that even though they have GoodTask on their platforms, never delete the Reminders app, as that might be a reason why the app hasn't been working toward the Watch... Just thoughts!

Thanks for the details. As you have used the app well in the past, GoodTask may still work well without the Reminders app. But some weird issues may happen when you don't have it so I've asked if you have it or not.

Anyway, it seems like installing it didn't fix the issue. Would you go into 'Settings - Apple Watch' inside iPhone app and change a setting such as 'Complications - Order' and then open the app on the watch and see how it goes?


Nope, still no success. I went into the Apple Watch Settings area of the app, and changed several settings, but the app still crashes each time that I tap on the complication. When it initially opens, it says, "No Items," then abruptly crashes. Other times, when the complication is tapped, it doesn't show the aforementioned text; instead, it just crashes.

Thanks for the details. I think it needs more investigation. Please share device and watchOS version you're using.

Also if it's ok with you, please share your iPhone app status (tasks) screenshot to contact@hahaint.com . I'd like to check more details about the data if it's causing any crash.