Bulk Actions - Is there a way to set an alert for specific time?

I am wondering if there is a way to edit the alert for multiple tasks at a time? It looks like you can edit the due time of multiple tasks, but I don’t want to change the due time for repeating tasks so the alert will go off at the right time the next day. Sometimes the alert will get missed and I want to be able to quickly edit the alert time for multiple tasks without changing the due time of the tasks.

I can’t see any way to do this, but thought I would check in case!

Hi @kkay5, thanks for the feedback.

Currently there is no direct quick action to edit multiple tasks' alert at once.

But you can use 'Preset' quick action to do something similar. Make a 'Preset' quick action and add 'Alert' and remove others.

Set specific time and tapping that quick action should change alert only for selected tasks.


Thank you so much! That was perfect! I had no idea what the preset action did. I LOVE the app!

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