Bulk add tasks?

Hi, has anyone found / created a shortcut where I can share a note and each line gets split into separate tasks? Ideally I’d like to be able to pick which list these reminders get added to

Thank you!

Thanks for using GoodTask.

It's not a shortcut but if you copy the text and go into a list, long tap + button and choose 'Clipboard', it will add tasks per each line. It may take some time if it's a long list though.


That's useful, something was unaware of!. Does this work on iOS and on the Mac?

As far as I can see there is no way to do this on the Mac. It's a great pity as that is where I'd get most use out of such a function.

Hi @Daron_Brewood, thanks for the feedback.

On Mac, you can use keyboard shortcut CMD-V to paste the text in clipboard to add tasks.


Ah ha that is great news, my thanks. I guess there is no way to bulk add tasks to a designated list on a certain date?

@Daron_Brewood, try pasting it on day view of the list on the date. Thanks!

Awesome that worked perfectly, my thanks again!