Bundling tasks

I fully realize that this may be way too niche to consider, but I'd be curious if others have a similar use case.

The bulk of my tasks are created by sharing an email or weblink to GoodTask (or Reminders, depending on what platform I'm on at the moment). So I wind up with a task with a URL that deep links into my email client (Spark) or a webpage.

I frequently wind up with several emails/links related to a single task I need to complete, and it's important that I leverage all of those in the task. Say, the input of three different folks I need to incorporate in a preso.

While I can manually start a new task and add each as a subtask, that's unwieldy. What I'd love to be able to do is multi-select the three tasks and have an option to bundle them into a new single task with the contents of the three as individual subtasks, or failing that chained in the notes field.

The name of the task could be blank, or could be the name of the first task in the list. Either would be fine, but it would really make my "Today" box run more efficiently.

Many thanks for considering!

Never mind - I just realized that drag-and-drop achieves this. Once again, GoodTask makes my life easier.

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Hey Mike! I’m curious about this as well. Question: how are you making drag-and-drop work without losing the URL from the task that becomes a sub-task when it’s dropped?

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I am losing the URL, and it would be nice to retain. Since the text saved is the subject line of the email, its easy enough to find and therefore a better solution than not bundling


Understood. There’s still a feature request here, then!

Like I say, I have a similar interest. So I put this together:

Requires a list called “bundler” (case sensitive). Idea is that you put all the tasks you need to bundle together into the “bundler” list, then run this shortcut. It’ll grab everything in that list, ask you for a task title, and which list you want the uber-task to be placed in. Then it’ll create a new task with the title you’ve added and all of the other tasks as GoodTask sub-tasks with the URLs intact (assuming the URLs were in the notes field, which is the way Spark works).

I haven’t added any tidying up for now— it’s just a quick proof of concept. If it’s useful to anyone, we can add some auto-deletion when the bundling is complete so the bundler list remains tidy and ready for the next bundle. Or maybe just mark all the bundled tasks as complete so you can retrieve them if anything goes wrong.

Obvs, this all assumes you’re on iOS :wink:


I dig it. Very nicely done. (And maybe will encourage GT to make a full-fledged feature.)


Great idea! I have a similar need. That is as new emails come in to add them to an existing GT Task including the link back to the email. Thus I would have one Task (in GoodTask) that includes several email links imbedded in the task. Would be great to keep all my actions confined to one Task.