CalDav sync not reliable (macOS)

I am downloaded the trial version for MacOS and iPhone.
My tasks, as all my data, is stored on a Nextcloud.

The sync of the tasks is very slow on MacOS (sometimes several hours) and sometimes not correct (especially with recurring tasks). I will provide some screenshots.

Is there anything I can do? Otherwise I will look for another program (I read that 2Do syncs directly to CalDAV-Servers).

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On my Macbook a subtask added by my husband to a shared CalDAV-Accout is missing.

On my iMac (Goodtask installed today) there are some tasks that are no longer overdue since months! But the subtask missing on the Macbook is shown.

On my iPhone I checked some subtasks, but the changes did not show up on the iPhone of my husband. So he added a new subtask. Due to the interleaving update my changes were lost.

Hi @SabineSW, thanks for using GoodTask. GoodTask relies on sync that’s ran by the system itself with the Reminders app’s database.

If the data is not syncing properly, try opening Reminders app and see if it’s synced on the app.

Sometimes opening Reminders app triggers the sync when it is not yet done.