Calendar event on list view

I am using GoodTask to make calendar and list grouping….aka work reminders lists and work calendars together on same view and same for home reminders/calendars.

When viewing my “home list” which has several reminder lists and calendar both items show up fine under day/week/month views. When I use the “list” view I do not see any of my calendar events only the reminders.

Also, on the widget when I select list view I do see all of the calendar events and reminder lists as I would expect.

How can I get my calendar events to show up in the app under list?

Hi @jmanko16, thanks for using GoodTask.

Normally calendar events are visible on day, week and month view only. It shows on list view only if you've set 'Scheduled' list filter on the list.

If this is not how it's working, please send me screenshots of 'Edit list' page, the list page and 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' page to


The only filter option under list for calendar is “text”

Filter for 'Lists' also apply to show calendar events or not on list view.


That works, but the way it reads it makes it seem like the calendars filter should be where this would go.

Also might make sense to consider separating our calendar and reminder options to make GoodTask more customizable. I tend to use it for different “contexts” aka work, home, etc. and would make it much easier to do this.

Thanks for the feedback. Supporting calendar filters came in later on which made it this way. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!