Calendar events don't show in iOS


Hi, new to GoodTasks. I am currently running both the Mac and iOS trial versions. I have a few calendars connected. On the Mac, I see calendar events just fine, however, on iOS, I am unable to see events from any of the connected calendars. I have granted permissions, the list of calendars show and I have selected certain calendars. But no events show up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Any suggestions?


Go to the setting cog inside Goodtask and then Lists & Calendars and make sure your Calendars are checked. Maybe even try unchecking and rechecking the ones you want to show up.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have indeed gone into the settings and checked multiple calendars. I have unchecked, and rechecked them several times. Also, none of the calendars show regardless of their location (gmail, exchange, icloud, etc).


I was able to resolve this. Though not sure exactly the root cause, some combination of removing and re-adding calendars and toggling them several times finally got the events to show.


Hi @gammonmark, thanks for the feedback. Currently I'm looking into a bug that seems like to be related to the situation you've faced. I'll try to fix and make it more stable on next update.


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I have suffered with this on my iPad and iPhone forever. Is there any hope of this being rectified?



Hi @Joel_Rosi-Schwartz, would you give me some more details? If you're on the latest version, normally it should show well.

If possible, send me screenshots of below to

  • Settings - Lists & Calendars
  • List that's not showing the events (Page & Edit list page showing filters)