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I have not purchased GoodTask yet but intend to. But I have a question.
For a very long time I have been using macos/iOS Calendar app events to store reminders to myself. So every such event has a date & time, an if I don't do the action at the designated date & time I have to edit the event to move the date & time forward to remind myself again a day or two later. Obviously a bad system :slight_smile:
So what I have now is a long list of reminders that exist way back in time in Calendar. They have become effectively invisible.
So now if I use GoodTask to give me a unified view of both Calendar app events and Reminders app items, I would like to be able to move (or copy) all those old events from Calendar into a one particular Reminders list. Ideally this could also remove the date & time from each event, simply adding it to the Reminders list.
Would this be something I can do in GoodTask ?


Hi fred, thanks for the attention.

In GoodTask, you can duplicate a calendar event to make a task by long tapping an event.

Other than that, there is no easy way to change multiple calendar events to tasks. If you want to bulk edit your data, you may want to check if it can be done through Shortcuts app. Or you need to do it manually.


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Duplicated from

On Good Task for Mac, : - [Calendar Event --> Task] i.e. ("Duplicate as Task")
On creating a task from a Calendar Event, such Task has DUE that is same as the End Time of the Calendar Event from which the Task was created.

  1. How to create a Task from a Calendar Event with DUE that is same as the Start Time of the Calendar Event?

  2. Where and How to edit the context menu - i.e. quick actions for Calendar Events? at present there are just two: Duplicate, and Duplicate as Task

Many Thanks!


Hi @Pnxwork, thanks for the feedback.

Currently both are not possible on GoodTask. I'll keep them on the list to consider. Thanks!

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