Calendar Is Not Appearing

I am running GoodTask 7.6.2 (1148) in macOS and have it configured to display my calendar per the below image:

The issue is that the calendar events are not being displayed per the below image:

Would you please share what I need to do to get the calendar events to reappear.

Hi @Joel, thanks for using GoodTask.

It seems like in some cases, calendar permissions are not properly set on the new OS. Normally it should ask again when the app updates but if not, you may check below options.


  • System Settings - Security & Privacy - Calendars: Check permissions


  • GoodTask's Settings - Lists & Calendars - Calendars: Check if it asks for permissions again
  • Default Settings app - GoodTask - Calendars: Check permissions for Calendars


Appreciated and very helpful.

Here is a hint / tip that might help. In System Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Calendars I DID have GoodTask enabled but for some reason it was ADD ONLY ACCESS which did not share the calendar (see below).

I changed ADD ONLY ACCESS to FULL CALENDAR ACCESS and the calendar reappeared!

Much thanks!