Calendar Month View with drag and drop?

I know I've asked this before, but I'll ask again :slight_smile: Is there any way we can have a proper calendar view, that will look like the Month View in Apple Calendar? Tasks could very easily then be dragged from one date to another.
I did buy Fantastical to allow me to do this but they've just hiked the licence fee to £60 and I can't warrant that much of a spend for the features I use. One of the features I did use was that of moving of tasks via drag and drop.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s on the list to consider but it’s not a simple job. :sweat_smile: I’ll keep your feedback. Thanks!

Not a problem I’ve discovered BusyCal which is working nicely to replace Fantastical and it has the task drag and drop I need. So I’m good for the moment. If it was ever built into Goodtask though I could drop the other apps completely.