Calendar sorting

I like GoodTask for the most part but it is frustrating that I’m unable to sort calendar events like tasks.

Ex: If I have an event that ends at 2 PM and I have a task I want to perform after the event, I would like to be able to move the task down below the event or move the calendar event up in my list.

Currently I am not able to do so, or maybe I just don’t know how. Is there a way to do this? I was able to do this many app and OS versions ago but no longer can. Please help.

Hi @helpneeded, thanks for using GoodTask.

GoodTask sorts tasks by 'Sort Option' that's set for the list (or generally). Normally if you set it by due date and have option 'Separate calendar events' to off, tasks and events will be sorted in timely manner.

If you drag and drop task, values will change according to sort option.


It is set by due date and “separate calendar events” is off but I am unable to move calendar events and I am unable to move tasks to below or in between calendar events.

You can't drag and drop calendar events directly but you should be able to drag and drop tasks around. Please check 'Settings - Sort, Tags - Drag and drop' and see if 'Task - Reorder' is turned on.


I am using these settings but still can’t move tasks below or within calendar events.

Hi @helpneeded, thanks for the feedback.

Please share some screen recordings to

It would be helpful to look into it further. Thanks!