Can Automation of Templates use the Relative Date Deadline?

I have a template with a relative Due Date of 7 Days After.

When I add this template manually from the File > Templates menu, it correctly creates the event for 7 Days After today. Notice creation date of 12/15 and due date of 12/22.

However, when my Automation runs the template, it creates the tasks with a due date for today.

Here are my Automation settings.
Screenshot of GoodTask (12-15-23, 8-33-06 AM)

Here is the result. Notice that it was created today at 12/15 and its due date is also 12/15.

Thank you for looking into this.

Thanks for the report. It seems like currently relative due date is ignored when you run an automation. It only checks for the time. I'll fix it on next update.

Meanwhile, you can use 'Relative Time' on due date page (Default -> Relative time) and choose 168 hours for 7 days.

Sorry for inconvenience.


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Hi @debryc, I'm looking into this but figured out that it was properly handled and is working properly on my test devices. Would you check again to see if it's still not working properly?