Can I change a tag and have it update throughout?


Hi. I'm wondering if it's possible to change the name of a tag (for example, let's say I have one called #work and then change it to something like #office) and have it update so all the existing items that have the old tag will change over as well?


Hi @Fuchsia, thanks for the feedback.

You can change tags in Quick Actions or Smart Lists but it won't change tags in individual tasks.

If you need to do it, I recommend you to make a temporary 'Switch' Quick Action and use it on Bulk Actions for multiple tasks.



Thanks. So if I'm understanding this correctly, using the example in my above post, I would create the switch -->#work-->#office, then select "all lists," highlight all items in there, and apply that quick action to the whole list?


Yes, make a switch quick action like you've mentioned first.

And then go into a list (maybe a smart list filtered with #work will make things easier) and choose 'Bulk Action' on top right menu. On that page, choose 'Select All' (or the ones with #work respectively) and run the newly made quick action.



Perfect. Thanks so much. I had created a lot of tags early on when I started that aren't quite right as I continually adjust my workflow, so it's nice to be able to do this.