Can I create tasks without alerts?

I apologize if this is obvious, but can I create tasks that don't have reminder alerts?

On any day, I might have 10 or 15 tasks but I don't want reminder alerts going off for all of them, either separately or all at 9am. I just want a list of my tasks for the day. It's nice if I can set reminder alerts, but I don't want them on every task.

I haven't found this feature in the app.

Hi @Zuojia, thanks for the feedback.

You can go into 'Settings - General' and adjust 'Type:Date'. Simple one will have due date and alert together like Reminders app. If you set it to 'General', it'll have separate due date and alert. If a task has due date only without alert, it won't remind you.

Default option is 'General' so when you tap a task, you'll see both due date and alert. You can turn off alert for the ones you don't want to get reminded from.


Thanks for your help!