Can List Sort Be Different From Calendar Sort?

I am very much enjoying my experience with GT and am using more and more of its features.

I am primarily using the Today Smart List noting the Sort Order is:

  1. List --> Alphabet --> Due Date as it is easier for me specific reminders this way

  2. List Order --> Calendar Event

Is there a way to have a different / separate order for the Calendar events as I would like this sorted by Due Date (that is, can I keep the REMINDERS sorted as List --> Alphabet --> Due Date but have the CALENDAR EVENTS sorted as Due Date)?

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback.

When option is turned on for calendar events to be integrated with tasks, it only works for 'Due date' sort option. The initial sort option makes the section and only when date gets the section, events are integrated together.

On your example, all the tasks will be separated by lists so calendar events will show separately at the bottom.

Hope it made sense. Thanks!

Agreed and perfectly clear...what would be very helpful is a separate sort for the calendar entries that show separately at the bottom.

Would this be possible to add?


I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Appreciated, that would be great!