Can’t get widget calendar to show calendar events

Hi there,

Great app, loving it so far. However I couldn’t get the calendar within the widget to show my Gmail calendar events. In fact, nothing shows up, not even on home (iCloud) calendar. I’m not sure if it’s a setting I didn’t set properly. I’ve attached some screenshots. Please help!


Hi @Kyle_P, thanks for using GoodTask.

'Day' Calendar type shows the day number like your screenshot. 'Month' will show you whole month.

To see calendar events, you need to choose the list and view appropriately.

First, go into the app and see if calendar events are visible on selected list and view. If so, choose the list and view on widget and it'll show you identical items.

If not, you may need to set up list to show them by editing it or make a new smart list to use.


Thanks for the advice. I figured a way around it!

May I just ask if there’s a setting to change the widget refresh timings? I notice that even after 15min of updating my calendar events, the GoodTask widget still doesn’t reflect the change.

Thanks for the feedback. Update is done by background refresh managed by iOS if the data is changed in other apps. If you open the app, it should get refreshed.

Background refresh time is managed by iOS so it can't be configured by other apps directly. If you use the app more, it'll run more often.


I see! Thanks for the advice.

By the way I was wondering if you’ll consider putting an option to not display the day and date in the medium sized widget? It gives a cleaner look especially if my list full (see attached). Alternatively, positioning the day and date + name of the list at the top will be better (Like the small size widget)

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

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