Can you disable Text Snippets one-time for a single word in a single task?


Is it possible to disable a text snippet for a single word or phrase while retaining the functionality overall?

The example:

  • Type out "Pay Lawn Company for 5/19 Service".
  • I don't want this task to be due on 5/19, I'm just using that for reference.
  • I also don't want to disable MM/DD text snippets for all tasks.
  • I just need to allow 5/19 to be in the task without writing the date and removing the text.

Is there anyway around that scenario?


Hi @kennonb,

there is no particular way to use it one time only. But the key is whole word that's separated with space so if you add something after the text, it could stay.. something like 5/19_ (not good but it's the only way at the moment. :disappointed_relieved:)

Ok no worries. That’s what I ended up settling on just curious if there was some other way. :blush::+1:t2:

I avoid this by simply doing a (5/19). It took a little getting used to slight modification of ease of typing, but for me it's worth the rare use of true dates in the note rather than assigned dates.

Has this capability been added in the past couple of years? I seem to stumble over this daily—but I also want to use the text snippets just often enough that I don't want to disable them permanently. Thanks!

Actually if you run it once, it won’t run again. So typing it twice will let you add the text. But the action will be already ran. :sweat_smile:

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