Cannot exclude Holidays when Calendar is selected

You mentioned that you would look into this but I noticed it was the same after the last update so I thought I would start a separate topic (it was previously buried in another problem I was having):

When I Edit my lists and specifically choose all calendars EXCEPT US Holidays, then NO calendar items occur. Actually, even if I choose SPECIFIC and then choose to include all calendars, none of the calendar items appear. Only when I choose ALL will the calendar items appear but I don't want US holidays (takes up too many slots on the Apple Watch).

Any way to fix this?



Hi @rainman1962, thanks for the feedback.

Is this happening on Apple Watch only? Or is it not showing on also the iPhone?

There was a bug that happens on Apple Watch when you have specific scheduled filters but it's resolved on recent version.

Also please check if this happens on every smart list. Thanks!

No, the behavior is on the iPhone and Watch. It occurs in all smart lists.



I'm getting a similar problem on the Mac version. It pollutes the list as you can see.

The holiday calendar means of the 11 items showing, 6 are from the Holidays, so that's 6 items I of my own I can't see when looking at the month listing.

I deselect it from the Calendars and it keeps re-selecting itself. I don't have this problem in Apple Calendar.

It's irritating enough to want to look for alternatives, or just use Calendar and Reminder.

Hi @Chris_Howard, thanks for the feedback.

Do you mean that your specific calendar is re-selecting itself inside 'Preferences - Lists & Calendars'?

If so, would you share me the specifics of that calendar?

Also, have you tried deselecting that calendar inside 'Edit list' ?


Thanks, GT

Yes, that's where. The following images show the sequence of events...

I've tried various things, including deactivating the account in the Calendar app and in Apple Settings, and then re-activating them.

That's actually made things worse. I know have several calendars I can't prevent auto selecting.

I'm not having a good experience with Good Task.

Hi @Chris_Howard, thanks for detail info.

Would you tell me which service you're using for that calendar? (ChrisH341?)

Also if that particular 'Holidays in Australia' calendar is keep checking back, would you check the difference between the two that works well (Appin Park one) and tell me what it is


Hi GT,

The problem is occurring now with both the iCloud service and the Chrish341 service. And not calendars are affected.

The Holidays calendar is a subscribed calendar, and Appin Park is a calendar I created.

However, as I say, it's happening on other calendars now too. Holidays is the only subscribed calendar giving the problem.

Hmm, do you mean all calendars are reselected again after going to Lists and back to Calendars?

Try after restarting the app/ device and send me some more details. I need some more info to investigate.

You may send me an email to if you need privacy on the data sharing.


Hi @Chris_Howard,

have you resolved this issue? I'm looking into this and it might be due to 'Automatic Preferences Sync' option. Go into 'Preferences - Sync' and try checking off 'Lists' at the bottom.

If you're using multiple devices, calendar info may not synced properly resulting in weird issues. This is due to inconsistency between calendar info between devices.