Can't give access to Reminders, anywhere in Settings

I can't give GoodTask access to my Reminders. This is on iOS 16.5.1

  1. Under Settings > GoodTask, "Allow GoodTask to access": "Calendars" is turned on & greyed out, but "Reminders" is turned off & greyed out. (Why are these even greyed out ??)

  2. Under Settings > Reminders: There are no relevant settings.

  3. Under Settings > Privacy & Security > Reminders: There is an entry for GoodTask but it is turned off & greyed out. (Again, why is this greyed out ?)

So, something is preventing me from allowing GoodTask to access Reminders.

Any ideas on causes and remedies are welcome.


Hi @fbaube, thanks for using GoodTask.

I haven't seen anything like this before. Try checking below.

  • First, restart the device.
  • Open Reminders app and see if it works properly. If it does, open GoodTask and check 'Settings - Lists & Calendars'.
  • If it still doesn't work, delete GoodTask and re-install. Make sure it asks permission properly after 'Ask for Permission' button on intro page.


OK, here's my results.

  1. I rebooted the phone OK.

  2. Reminders works fine.

  3. GoodTask shows me the multi-screen app presentation, and then on the
    last screen, it shows a button at the bottom labeled "Ask for Permissions".
    I press it and I get a dialog saying:

Need Permissions to Reminders.
Settings > Privacy > Reminders > Turn 'GoodTask' On"

with an "OK" to press. It will not let me proceed past this screen.
So I am unable to do your second step, checking GoodTask's Settings.

  1. So then I go to the phone's Settings > Privacy & Security > Reminders.
    And again, the entry for GoodTask is turned off & greyed out. I should
    add that it is the same for entries for beorg and Priority Matrix.

I suspect then that I have a setting elsewhere in the system that is screwing
up permissions at a deeper level, but heck if I can figure out what's going on.

many thanx

You may want to check if you have some kind of MDM installed which is a profile that manages the device. (Mostly gets installed from company you work for)

If that blocks the permission, you need to contact the administrator for the MDM.


Nope, no such profile.

So I guess I'm S.O.L. Let's see if the next iOS update fixes it.

thanks tho!

Screen time restrictions?