Change default new task template

Templates are really cool! I'd love if I could set a specific template to be the default for new tasks, and to associate specific task templates with specific lists.

  1. Default new task template:

This would allow me to do things like include a link to an apple shortcut in every task, which would enable me to create a task, save it, click the shortcut link and automate some nifty things.

One idea I have would be to make a shortcut that copies the task name and turns it into the title for a corresponding note in Obsidian that contains a link back to the task in GoodTask and also adds a link to the Obsidian note in GoodTask.

This would enable me to have a Someday/Maybe list in GoodTask that I can add details to in Obsidian over time before finally "Graduating" the project into being actionable.

  1. Task templates for specific lists
    I'd like new tasks in specific lists to default to a different template for that list.

As a use-case, imagine the following scenario: you've drafted up a quick list of tasks in Drafts or Obsidian or similar. You copy that list of tasks over into GoodTask and want to make sure that each task has the correct geofencing. If I have a list called "The Office" for which task templates have a pre-defined location, I'll be able to paste the list of tasks right into the list and have it automatically include the location I've set.

Thank you for considering!

Oh! I have just realized something very cool for anyone reading this... it seems possible to create an action that will activate a shortcut. This could allow me to trigger the "graduation of a someday/maybe task" shortcut I was talking about in feature 1. Wow! I've been away from GoodTask for awhile and I'm so happy I returned because these features hold a lot of power in them.

I'll need to spend much more time getting familiar with it all. But this is VERY exciting.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep them on the list to consider. Thanks! :wink: