Change language settings on iOS and Mac

I've downloaded the apps for both iOS and Mac from the Italian app stores, but for some reason on the iOS app the default GoodTask language comes up as Korean, while on the Mac it's all in Japanese. I have searched the web trying to find answers on how to change language settings inside the app but haven't found anything. I'm afraid I will have to delete the apps since they're unusable like this! The default language for all regions should be English!

Hi @Clara_Pastore, thanks for using GoodTask.

As you said, default is made to be English but I guess something might have gone wrong. First, you should check your device language settings which GoodTask refers to.

  1. On iOS, go into default Settings app - General - Language & Region and check your preferred language order. English should be on top of others such as Korean or Japanese if you have them there.

  2. On macOS, go into  - System Preferences - Language & Region and check the same.

Try restarting the app and if it doesn't work, try restarting the device and check again.