Check for GoodTask Updates

Apologies for the potentially naive question but all the other Apple apps I have a "Check for update..." menu item which I check / clic on every now and then to make sure I am running the most current version of the app.

I do not see this capability in any of GoodTask's menu. Please explain / how where I can check whether I am running the most current version of GoodTask.

Thank you.

Hi @Joel, thanks for using GoodTask.

Mostly 'Check for updates' feature is used when the app is not distributed through App Store. If you have 'Install app updates from App Store' checked to be 'Automatic' inside System Settings, it should be done by itself. You can check by going into Mac App Store and check 'Updates' tab or search for GoodTask. If it's not updated, it'll show 'Update' button rather then 'Open'.