Clickable calendar link in Goodtask?

Am now slowly getting the hang of Goodtask. However there is one thing that I don't know if I just can find how to, or if that is not possible in Goodtask.
In Things3, if you click on an item in the calendar list (at the top) it opens the same post in calendar. When I click on that item in Goodtask I seem to open a window for a new to-do note.
Isn't it possible to open such a link in Calendar?
(I don't even know if it is necessary, I just have become used to it).
Also: I am now trying to use the structure as it is presented by Carl Pullein. That is why I am leaving Things3 since that is focused on GTD, and I want to have folders "Today", "Next week" and so on. As I understand Godtask is a good choice for that?

Hi @TomasAhlbeck, thanks for the feedback.

On GoodTask, you can see calendar events on the list separately. If you change option 'Separate calendar events' to off in 'Sort' page, you'll see them integrated with the tasks in a list.

Choosing that event will show you details and you can long tap it to open it in Calendars app on iOS. There are some limitations on Mac compared to iOS version.

On top calendar area, you can long tap or right click to make a new task or event.

You can make very customizable smart lists in GoodTask which will fit your needs in any way.

I'm also thinking a lot about time blocking so let's see how things go in the future.


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Happy to hear about time blocking.

Can you not use right-click (aka ctrl-click) on the Mac to open the link?

Hi @DanBrooks, thanks for the feedback. On current version, you can't open Calendars app on the Mac even with right click. Since there is no direct way to open an event or date from outside, I didn't add it on the Mac version of the app. Thanks!

hi im new to goodtask and im so excited that you mentioned your interest in time blocking!!!!!! and also mentioning of opening the calendar event in external default calendar. goodtask is so awesome! and im reading your responses and seeing your youtube videos and i have to say that you are such a great dev thank you so much @GoodTask

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