Completed List Sort Not Working

Have all lists sorted as "List -> Alphabet -> Due Date".

The sort works in all Lists ad Smart Lists EXCEPT the Completed Lists, please advise as I would like to get the Completed List sort to work.

Thank you.

Completed tasks are sorted by completion date by default. If you keep alphabetical only on sort option (which can be set per list), it’ll be sorted accordingly. Thanks!

Apologies, But I tried the date sort and it did not work. The Complete Task list is still not sorted by List -> Alphabet -> Date which is what I am trying to accomplish.

Sort options run from the initial selection first and if it’s the same, next comparison runs. If you select List order first, it’ll sort by list order and then within the same lists, it’ll sort with next one.

If you choose alphabetical, it’ll sort by it and only if you have same title, it’ll sort with next option.


Apologies but either I am not understanding or it is not working.

This is what I am looking at noting that the lists are intermixed..

What am I doing wrong?


I can't figure out with the screenshot. Would you send me some more detail screenshots or screen recordings to ? Thanks!

I sent you an e-mail with a video link attached.

Please confirm receipt.

Look forward to your response.


PS. Part of the problem was solved by rebooting my MacBook.