Completed Task and Extra Auto snooze alerts


Hi all,

Let's say I set a task and it has several associated auto snooze alerts setup

Then later when the task comes due, I click the circle so it is complete.

In my case, I would think that the future auto snooze reminder alerts would go away also since the item is complete however they continue to appear.

Question: is this the expected behavior or is there a way that when you complete an item it will auto delete the future auto snooze alerts that are no longer needed - by itself?

Or – is there someplace where you can see these auto snooze upcoming items and delete them manually?


Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback.

Normally when you complete a task, auto-snooze notifications should not come in.

If they do, would you give me some more details about the task details and how you're completing it?



Hi - Thanks for the help - it looks as though what ever I was seeing is no longer happening - so I guess we are all good!