Completed Tasks don't disappear in TODAY view

I like keeping Good Task in TODAY view. Only tasks for that day will appear and when completed, I check it off and they disappear from view...

...that is until I upgraded to Sonoma.

In the early beta releases of Sonoma GOOD TASK did not operate the way it had. Completed tasks in TODAY view would not disappear. I had ignored the issue knowing I was using a beta release of the operating system.

However, a new update was just pushed and the problem still exists.

Is this something now deemed normal? Is there a way to go back TODAY view only showing that day's events and anything that has been completed goes out of sight forever once checked?


Hi @NJRonbo, thanks for using GoodTask.

I'm not sure if this is the issue but would you click circle on top right? This should show/hide completed tasks and events for the day. Thanks!

That helped!

The issue started with beta 1 of Sonoma back in June so I figured I would have to wait for Good Task to revise their software to overcome the newly introduced bug that was not their fault.

The problem kept persisting and I am now wondering if I had somehow accidentally hit that little circle and was the reason why completed tasks did not go away in TODAY view.

So now I know how to keep the completed tasks hidden. Thank you for the quick reply.

This remains one of my favorite/essential apps and the support has been phenomenal.

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