Completed tasks gone?

I use one om my many lists as a shopping list.
Befor i go out i look over my “Completed tasks” and reactivate the groceries i need.
Lately i’ve been missing items that i know for sure have been on the list.
Doe Goedtask delete “Completed Tasks” after a while? And if so how do i stop that?

Hi @Valentijn101, thanks for using GoodTask.

For performance reasons, completed tasks are synced for some months only for default. You can change it inside 'Settings - General - Sync: Completed Tasks'.

I'm planning to improve this later on.


I changed it to “All”and it worked. Thanks for the fast response and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Something changed and part off my completed tasks are gone again. I can’t get them back like i did last time. Can you help me?

Hi @Valentijn101,

Would you try below?

  • Go into 'Preferences - Advanced' and click 'Delete Previously Used Data' on Mac
  • On iOS, 'Delete Local Cache'.


No no, i don’t want them gone. I want the finished tasks back. That way i can reuse them. (like in my grocery list)

Oh wait. That did work. Yes!!!!! Thanks again for the fast response:-)

Oeps, sorry, to fast. It did not work. Still missing “completed tasks” :frowning:

I’ve got the “completed tasks” back. But i can’t reactivate them. They just stay in the completed section.

Hi @Valentijn101, thanks for the feedback.

Currently completed tasks that has passed a month can't be restored. I'm looking into it to fix it. Thanks!

The update fixed it. Thanks. Always suprises me how fast you solve things. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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