Completed Today and This Week


The only thing that seems lacking to me is the ability to have a smart list that shows tasks completed today, and tasks completed this week. I have do do reports periodically and that is a must have that would make life a great deal easier. Additionally, the ability to specify the work week and use that as the basis for the list of completed this week, such as mine which is Monday through Sunday, would allow me to get a list of what's been completed thus far in the work week no matter what day I'm on.

The ease of use, flexibility in using tags, and that everything stays in my iCloud environment make this an excellent task manager!


Hi, thanks for using GoodTask. You can achieve something similar by using 'Completed' filter smart list. One thing is that you have to limit the count of the tasks. You may make this big but it could decrease performance so you may need to find a magic number. :slight_smile:

On that list, you can move to 'Day' view and 'Week' view and you will be able to check completed tasks for today and this week.



Doing that and it works, though I may complete 2 or 200 tasks in a week (slightly exaggerated). I guess this becomes a feature request to have the ability to specify a date or period range instead of just a count and to sort on the completed date. This is something I have to be able to see and sort/group in List view so I can export it to provide in reports.

This will be my first full week of using GoodTask and so far I'm enjoying the flexibility and ease of use.



Take a look at the shortcut I just posted

It records all completed tasks to an ongoing Drafts list by completion date. You could easily change Drafts to Bear or whatever, but it makes it easy to see what was completed.