Connect 2 appointments

I have 2 appointments.

I would like to combine these two appointments.

The 2nd appointment should be 5 days after the 1st appointment.
If I move the 1st appointment by 3 days, the 2nd appointment should also be moved by 3 days.

1st appointment: 26.11.2020
2nd appointment: 28.11.2020

1st appointment is postponed by 3 days:
1st appointment: 29.11.2020
2nd appointment: 01.12.2020

Is this possible?

Hi @Rodger, thanks for the feedback. This is not what GoodTask can do. :disappointed_relieved:

For tasks, you may use Quick Actions on bulk actions to do it faster. Thanks!

OK thanks but maybe you can add this in a future version :grinning:

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