Contextual date, can’t make it work


I have a smart list called “Today” with today’s and overdue tasks filtered. (Which is very handy never to loose track of the tasks i might not have time to do each day). When i add a new task, I can’t make i work so that it automatically adds today’s date. I have the contextual setting “on”, for both list and date. It says in the info text under the contextual setting that “if turned off, “Today” will be the base date.” But it doesn’t matter if I have on or off, I still can’t make it add today’s date automatically. Am i missing something?



Hi @BoEast, thanks for the feedback.

Contextual date only works on day, week and month views. On those views, selected date will be automatically set as due date.


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Ahh, thanks for that clarification!

BTW, it seems as if the reminders are syncing as they should again. Apple must have been doing something on "their" side (iCloud) because there has been no update and I haven't done anything.

Anyway, glad that it works now again on my apple watch.

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The last iOS update fixed the slow sync problem.


Yeah, I know that was one of the things included in the update to 13.1.1 but it didn't help me (any many others). It's only now the last 2-3 days that the sync to my apple watch seems to work.


Weird, working fine for me.