Crash apple watch


Hi, I have a problem with Goodtask on the Apple Watch. The application crash when I try to open it. It started to happen in 4.9.1 and with 4.9.2 it still happens and I can't use it. I have reinstalled the application on the iphone and apple watch and restarted the devices and it keeps happening (iphone xs and apple watch 4). It’s unusable right now


Hi @Vamdlt, thanks for using GoodTask. I’m aware of this issue that’s happening to some users and will fix it on next update. I’m sorry about inconvenience. Thanks!


Ok. Thanks! :+1:t2:
On the other hand, are you planning a change to the behavior of the subtasks in goodtask so that they look nested like in reminders?


Currently there is no way to figure out how subtasks are managed in Reminders app. :cry:

There are other plans to work on first but I'll keep the one about improving subtasks on the list.