Crashing After Update

After most recent app update, I had a strange thing happen, and and now the app will not load at all.

MacOS, Big Sur.

When I tried to run Goodtask, I got a popup that I needed to login to the App Store, because the app was purchased under a different ID. This is not accurate, it's a single user computer, and I'm the only appleID tied to this iMac.

Then After logging in, I get a popup that says the app is damaged and must be removed and re-installed. I did that, no change.

Hi @Jon_Seale1, thanks for using GoodTask.

This seems to be a rare issue on the Mac. You can refer to below websites for more details. In short, re-install after re-logging in to App Store.

To reset everything, you need to remove preferences files saved locally before re-installing. Delete below folders.

~/Library/Group Containers/
iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings


I am continuously having this issue. I just deleted GoodTask (and all artifacts), upgraded to MacOS 11.3.1 and reinstalled. I continue to receive the please delete and redownload error as well as an Error 173 when I attempt to open. I am not having this issue with any other application.

I’ve done everything suggested here and on every other Apple support forum.

No change.

Would you try below?

  1. Open 'Terminal' app and type in below command. You should have GoodTask app on Applications folder.

xattr -rc /Applications/

  1. If 1 doesn't work, try below.

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/