Create a List showing all Tasks with Notifications

I’d like to create a list that only shows Tasks that have Notifications. Honestly I’m having trouble knowing just what tasks do show notifications. I know overdue tasks will show Notifications but it seems to be that ALL overdue tasks are not showing Notifications, and other tasks too show them and I don’t know the criteria for a task to show one.

I do care about them and addressing them, so can anyone give me the criteria or better still the Boolean to create a List showing all but only tasks with Notifications? I currently have 4 notifications (but have 6 overdue) and would like to have a list that shows all four, but only those four.


Hi @jedwards, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can make a smart list with filter type 'Alert'. This will show tasks with alert only. If you have 'Settings - General - Type:Date' as General or Advanced, you should see due date and alert separately on task detail page.

Also if a task has an alert, it'll show a speaker icon on the list.


You can filter on whether a task has an alert or not, but not on the alert time itself. I would love to be able to filter on the alert time. It would open up so many possibilities!

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