Create New Single Task from copied text

I’m sorry for having so many questions in such a short time, but I’m playing with using GoodTask for most of the things I use OmniFocus and/or Drafts for. I know that’s a lot, but having fewer places to go when things need to get done is seeming more and more like a good idea, even if I have to sacrifice a little functionality at times, in the bargain.

Would you consider adding the ability to create a single task from copied text? The first line would become the Title and everything else would go into notes.

If, at some point, you could consider parsing the copied text for TaskPaper format for additional task details (like tags, start & due date, list/project name, etc.), that would be awesome!

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Thanks for the feedback.

Currently when you long tap '+' button, you can add tasks with clipboard text but this will break tasks to multiples with line breaks.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

Yes, I use that option occasionally, but I usually need to do a separate copy & paste, because I’m just creating a single task with notes. The option you currently have is very useful at times, though.

My usual workflow basically consists of notes I’m taking in another app while I’m on the phone with someone, which I then extract tasks from, or when I get an email that needs to translate to a task. I usually just type them in TaskPaper format to begin with, because I’m used to that, and several apps I’ve used can parse it. Even if they can’t, it makes very readable sense when I see it in the notes and I can then translate it to task details, as necessary. (OmniFocus can parse TaskPaper format, for example. I know you’re not trying to replicate OF in GoodTask, but features are features...)


Thanks for the details. I guess it could be done using Shortcuts but may need some actions before using GoodTask Shortcut action. 'Add New Task' shortcut action has been changed and currently it doesn't work with clipboards like it was on iOS 12. It's more flexible so parsing and then adding variables could do the job. (Current clipboard settings inside the app should be removed)

Now you’re just trying to make my process even easier than I wanted it to be. :wink:

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